The fall is a wonderful time to take a camping trip. The leaves are changing and the cool October air is perfect for sitting around a campfire. With that said, camping with young children can be a blast while also being a challenge at the same time. The key to getting the most fun out of camping with small children is preparation.


Here are some tips for being prepared so that they can get the most enjoyment out of the camping trip.


Find Kid-Friendly Campsites


No one wants to find themselves at a primitive campsite the first time they go camping with their young children. Finding a family-friendly campsite is important. Camping can be so much fun for children if there are things that they can do. Check to see if the campground is bike-friendly and take their bikes.


Check Your Camping Gear


Make a list of all the gear that needs to be packed and check it more than once. Don’t forget to bring easy-to-fix foods that the kids will eat. Sticks to roast hot dogs and marshmallows add to the fun. Make sure there is enough gear for everyone. Let the children pack for themselves if they are old enough.


Chances are the ground will be hard under the tent, so prepare comfy padding to sleep on. No one likes to try to sleep on a hard surface. Most outdoor stores have a large variety of sleeping bags and pads to choose from. Take the children’s favorite blankets and pillows so that they feel more at home.


Plan Things to Keep the Kids Entertained


Sitting around the campsite all day with small children will lead to boredom in a hurry. Allow them to bring a favorite toy or game.


Put together a daily calendar of fun activities so that the kids have something fun to look forward to.


Take materials that can be used to identify bugs and plants in nature. This is a great activity for kids while camping in the great outdoors and will make learning about nature fun.


Check the Weather


This sounds like a simple thing, but it can easily be forgotten in all of the excitement of getting ready for a camping trip. Be prepared for rain and heat and cold.


To get the most from your camping trip read this article for more camping tips. Preparation and planning will make the camping experience enjoyable for everyone.