One of the most frequently used rooms in any home is the living room. Since it tends to get a lot of use from both parents and children, it is important for it to be a room where people of all ages feel comfortable. Here are some fun makeover ideas to do with kids that make a family room both fun and comfortable.


Unconventional Seating


Recent trends for ottomans, poufs, hammocks, and other unconventional seating are a great addition to a family room. Kids love having their own unique spot to sit instead of being stuck on the couch. This style of seating is also ideal for entertaining since it can be tucked out of the way or shifted around to accommodate guests.


Bright Colors


A living room for all ages is typically not going to be a room covered in pale neutrals. Instead, the best option is bright colors and vibrant patterns. A nice perk of patterns is that they can hide spills and stains a lot more easily, so parents don’t have to stress about drinks, snacks, and crafting materials. To help children feel included in the decor, parents may want to let kids pick out some throw pillows or art in their favorite color.


Work and Play Stations


Cut back on the clutter by creating defined stations. Add a desk for doing schoolwork or surfing the web, place a wide table in a corner for playing board games, or set up a chest of drawers to hold art supplies. Including plenty of storage and flat surfaces will make it easy for people of all ages to relax and enjoy their hobbies in the living room.


Pick a Theme


Kids love the idea of themed rooms, and it can also help adults create a cohesive look as they design their living room. For example, a sleek, mid-century modern living room may remind a child of their favorite sci-fi television show, or a cozy, rustic living room might make them feel like they are camping outside. This an excellent way for parents to help children feel like the living room is also their space instead of just being a cold, adults-only space.