Spring is just around the corner and with it comes warm sunny days and a lot of great craft opportunities for kids of all ages. To assist parents in the search for the perfect craft, here is a list of some thrifty ideas made from common items for families to enjoy.


Toilet Paper Rolls


Toilet paper rolls are a great resource for many crafts. From animals to insects and beyond, the uses for the rolls are endless. They can be used to make cute little rabbits by adding googly eyes, pom-pom balls for noses and tails, and construction paper for ears and other features. With construction paper and a marker, toilet paper rolls can also be transformed into frogs for the kids to play with. Another option for reusing toilet paper rolls is to craft a springtime bee. These simple cardboard tubes are the perfect supply for creating numerous creature crafts.


Paper Plates


Paper plates aren’t just for eating. They can be used to create the perfect springtime craft for the kids. By adding paint and another household item, cotton balls, a paper plate can easily become the perfect rainbow to usher in the sunny spring weather. Creatures to make out of paper plates include dragonflies, bunnies, and chicks, many of which only require a few additional materials.


Paper Bags


If they are leftover from school lunches, paper bags are a great resource for the perfect springtime craft for the kids. To celebrate all of the springtime blooms, paper bag flowers are a great option. Add paint and a few other recycled materials and the flowers are ready to bloom. These bags can also be transformed into little nests for pom-pom chicks to celebrate spring holidays. For the insect lovers, paper bags can be used to make lightning bugs by adding parchment paper and construction paper.


No matter what time of year, crafting with the kids is an excellent way to keep them engaged, creative, and inspired. Using these resourceful crafts can create the perfect spring for the kids and parents alike. By using common household items and supplies, parents can create craft time for kids without worrying about going out for more supplies.