A new year is a perfect time to start fresh and set some goals. While personal resolutions are a great way to work on the self, family goals can help a family grow together while having fun. Consider some of these family resolutions this new year to set as a family.

Show More Gratitude

Gratitude is an essential part of living a joyous life. In a world filled with instant gratification and entitled children, teaching children to have an appreciation for the things they have can help them grow up well. Set a goal as a family to be thankful for three unique things each day. This can be done while everyone sits together as a family for dinner at the end of the day or as parents tuck kids into bed at night.

Make a New Tradition

Traditions bind families together and create the base for memories for years to come. Make a new tradition this year as a family. It could be something as simple as celebrating the first day of a new season, doing something new for family birthdays, or finding a new place to vacation each year.

Complete a Project Together

Working together is one of the best ways to bond and grow closer as a family. A project that takes time to complete teaches children useful skills and the rewards that come from hard work. Choose a plan that benefits the family or the home. Some ideas may include building a treehouse, a scrapbook, or a yearlong family video of all of the things done this year.

Create a Ritual for One Day of the Week

Rituals give kids (and parents) something to look forward to as they go through the week. Set aside one day a week and do the same activity. Families may enjoy having movie nights on Fridays, baking something together on Tuesdays, eating pizzas on Saturdays, or exploring nature on Sundays.

Eat Healthier

Getting fit and eating healthy is a lifelong process. Starting young helps ingrain healthy habits in kids that will benefit them for their entire lives. Start eating healthier meals as a family this year by adding one fruit or vegetable in the meal plan each week, eliminating junk food, or having only one sugary treat a week.