With the holiday season upon us, it’s time for families to plan how they will observe their holidays. Many people rely on time-honored, traditional activities. Others do an internet search to learn about the latest new thing. How can we do these things without breaking the bank?

Connect Meaningfully

The holidays don’t have to focus on spending. They developed out of deeply-held beliefs and cultures that have stood the test of time. We can rediscover some of those older traditions. We can visit churches or stay at home. We can spend time instead of money. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with family and make new friends.

Get Moving

As you can see, plenty of fun is available. Some activities take a little planning, like making seed balls for the birds. Others are spontaneous, like playing in the first snow of the season. The important thing is to put aside the devices. Get moving and encourage others to follow your lead. They might not warm up to an idea right away. Start alone, and hope they join in. They usually will.

Let’s Do This Right

It’s important not to undermine the fun. Let family members decide for themselves if they will join an activity. Using force turns the most beautiful event into a dull chore and a power struggle. Creating an atmosphere of joy will affect everyone in the house, even when they don’t participate directly.

Take Back Power

Not only can the holiday season become expensive, but it can also become a stressful schedule. These activities all need one unique detail to become successful. They need time. Each family can discuss which activities meet their needs best. They can use an empowering word and say no to other things. This can feel like it’s impossible. It’s not. Social expectations seem cut in stone, but they aren’t. Focus on the freedom and opportunities for family plans and holidays.

Families and friends have many inexpensive and memorable choices for holiday observances. They can recognize the power they have in making choices and let others do the same. Holidays are made for joy, so reclaim joy this year.