With a worldwide pandemic going on it may be hard to figure out summer plans for your children. Whether you don’t feel comfortable sending them to camp, or they’re completely canceled there are so many things you can do. Now is the time to get creative and introduce not only your child but yourself to new hobbies and activities. Here are some great ideas to keep your children safe and busy this summer.


Backyard Camping

Consider buying a tent and setting up shop right in your own backyard. Startup the fire and bring out the marshmallows to end your night with smores and storytelling. This is a great way to get the kids out of the house at night with a very close change of scenery.


Take a day trip to your local park that has trails where you can follow social distancing guidelines. Look for some beginner to expert trails to see which ones catch your attention. Many trails end at waterfalls or beautiful viewpoints. Pack some sandwiches and treat yourselves to a picnic in the park after you explore nature!

Museum Day

Look up museums in your area that are open or offering limited hours. There are so many to choose from, whether it is science, art, or history. Letting your child pick which museum best fits their interests will help the day feel special to them.

Go for a Swim

Check out your local pools to see what hours they’re operating on this Summer. Some may be offering swimming lessons or activities for the kids to participate in. This would be a great family day or a weekly trip. Many pools offer residents pool passes at discounted rates for families!

Volunteer in your community

Show your kids the importance of giving back to their community starting from a young age. Animal shelters and food banks are always looking for a helping hand. Consider making cards on an activity day to send to local hospitals and nursing homes.

Reading Club

Local libraries or organizations offer summer reading programs for kids to stay up to speed with their reading level. Think about reaching out to the parents of your child’s friends to see if they’re willing to have the kids read the same books while doing weekly check-ins. This would be great to keep your children practicing their reading skills while staying in contact with friends from school!