Getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving by planning a feast together can help build a stronger bond between you and your family. Whether you’re planning on having a Thanksgiving feast at home or traveling with other people, the festivities can feel more special with the help of your kids.

Here are a few ways to get your children involved in this year’s Thanksgiving preparations.

Let Kids Be a Part of Meal Planning

Since there is a wide range of opinions when it comes to choosing the best Thanksgiving dishes, why not involve the kids in the planning process? Have your family vote on the various sides and desserts for the big meal.

Of course, there are the classics such as turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. However, consider allowing a few wild card suggestions to round out the list. After you’ve narrowed it down to about four main dishes and two desserts, let the kids vote on their favorites. Maybe you’ll have a chocolate cake alongside the pumpkin pie this year. (I doubt anyone will complain.)

Ask the Kids to Help with Meal Prep

Preparing the meal on the day of the feast inevitably feels like a full-on frenzy. To lessen the stress, many people make various preparations ahead of time.

Although it’s easy to become flustered and shoo the children away from the kitchen, consider asking them to help instead. Make the sides together as a family before the big day. Without the big rush, quality time as a family can be fun.

Make Fun Tablescape Crafts

One of the things new parents have to learn to do is happily embrace imperfection. Handmade decorations can be cost-effective and fun for the kids during big holiday meals. Browse through various craft options online and let the children pick a project that they like and is age-appropriate. Displaying their creations on the Thanksgiving table can give them a sense of pride.

Additional “helper” ideas include making personalized place cards for guests or putting on a talent show for everyone while they wait for the turkey to be done.

Focus on What Really Matters

There’s a lot of pressure placed on parents to make the holidays special. However, the funny thing is that the most memorable moments during the holidays are the ones that involve the entire family having fun. Remember to focus on what matters and have fun expressing gratitude with the people you love.