When a new school year begins, teachers and other staff might need to raise funds for projects and events. Instead of directly asking parents for money, holding a fundraiser is often an option used in many schools. Here are a few ideas to consider that are fun for students, teachers, and others who are involved.

Car Wash

This is a fun event that can get students and teachers working together to provide a service for the community while raising money. Many people might want their cars washed before the start of the school year as they might not have time to do it when they begin taking children back and forth to school or when they have to pick up children from after-school activities. The car wash can be held in the parking lot at the school. Supplies include a few water hoses, sponges, buckets, and soap.

Movie Nights

Each month can feature a special movie night. Students can receive tickets at the beginning of the month that can be sold and presented for admission. Holiday-themed movies can be shown for Halloween, Christmas, and other special times during the year. The movie can be shown outside when the weather is warm. If there’s enough space, the school could show two or three movies so that attendees have an option. Snacks and drinks can be sold to make money as well.


Most people enjoy a carnival, making it a fun way to raise money for the school. Tickets can be sold by the students for admission. When attendees arrive, they can purchase a wristband for rides or games, make crafts, or participate in other special activities. The school could have a petting zoo, cakewalk, or a BINGO game that guests would pay a small amount of money for to get a ticket or include the price in the wristband.


Although some students might not want to be at school longer than necessary, a sleepover can be a fun way for students to meet new people and to get to know their teachers. A certain amount for a donation could be asked of each student for admission. While at the sleepover, students could purchase snacks and drinks, games to play, or tickets to enjoy fun activities.

Large projects at school can sometimes be difficult to achieve if there aren’t enough funds available. When children are a part of raising money for the event, then they can feel included and involved with the school.