As summer comes to an end get the whole family involved in making these awesome autumn crafts for every occasion!

Spiders made brighter

You can craft simple, spooky jar lights with items from the dollar store. Fill a clear glass jar with cotton balls and plastic spider rings. Make sure the spiders are outside the cotton so they can be seen.


Crack some glow sticks and tuck them into the center of the jar before replacing the lid. Create multiple spider egg jars with different creepy crawly colors.

Nature’s suncatcher

The best part of fall is the natural beauty all around us. While you and your family explore the outdoors, collect fallen leaves in a variety of shapes and colors.


Arrange the leaves on transparent contact paper. Press another sheet of contact paper atop your collection. Hang it in the window and watch sunlight shine through the vibrant hues of autumn.

Beads on the cob

Get in the Thanksgiving spirit with this cute, easy craft. First, twist together four beige pipe cleaners at the center. Fan out the ends to make a star-like shape. Then thread each pipe cleaner with many-colored plastic beads, leaving an inch of space at the end.


Carefully bend each beaded pipe cleaner upward and twine together the bare ends to produce the corn cob shape. These colorful cobs can serve as placeholders or centerpiece decor on your feast table.


Cloak your favorite lollipops in white coffee filters, cinching them at the “neck” with small rubber bands. Use a black marker to draw your best BOO faces onto the heads.


Tie thin black ribbons over top of the rubber bands. Fluff out the bottom of the filters to finish off these scarily sweet ghosts. This classic Halloween craft is perfect for the whole family.

Pump up the slime

What’s more festive than pumpkins? Pumpkin slime, of course. Part science experiment, part gross-out fun, slime is irresistible to the younger set.


Chop the top off of a small pumpkin and remove some (but not all!) of its innards. Pour liquid starch into the pumpkin, then add equal parts water and clear school glue. Mix it all together, incorporating the remaining pumpkin guts and seeds. Voila–seasonal slime!28