This Thanksgiving Day, families can begin new traditions. These family fun ideas for Thanksgiving gather the family together. It also creates a more meaningful way to make lasting memories. Capture the season this year using these fun ideas for your family.

Thanksgiving Family Treats

Get your kids together with the family members that want to help and create these treats. Points for the ones that resemble a turkey. Think can-corn for feathers and M&M’s for coloring. This works well for deserts. Use fudge as a base to make those cute turkeys for each plate. This is an event the day before, and it’s perfect for a house full of relatives with bored children. Instant fun for everyone. Side perk, the kids will help you set the Thanksgiving table with this idea.


Print and Color

There are so many sites today that have printable pages online. It’s easy for families to pick the one that suits their family’s needs, and print it for use later. Then, have the kids fill out a pre-printed page sharing what they’re grateful for. The family can share those at the Thanksgiving meal. Make sure and save these for sharing in the future. Remember to have those tissues around for future Thanksgiving meals. Remembering the kids at their young ages will bring on the happy “weepies.”


Charity Baskets

This is another great activity for family in the house, days before Thanksgiving. Have the family create baskets for others in need. As they make the baskets, have them share their past year’s big news. It’s a wonderful way to catch up on the family news while distracted by the baskets. This act of doing something while talking helps people open up. It bonds and allows a way for the family to share their abundance with people in need during the holiday.


Graffiti Door

This is one of the easiest ideas. Take butcher-block paper, and tape it to the back of a door in your home. Make sure the door is one that gives a lot of room for people to stand around it. Write in bold letters at the top: “We are so thankful for.” Then hand the kids, with a supervising adult for damage control, a marker. Tell them to write what they are thankful for this year.