Cooking together as a family can be a great way for parents to build healthy eating habits and teach their children some valuable life skills. It can also be a fun way of getting everyone together and spending time with each other in the kitchen. Here are some great ideas for meals the whole family will enjoy.


Tacos and Fajitas


This is a great family recipe because a parent can cook the meat while children smash guacamole, shred cheese, or mix together a pico de gallo. Once it is ready, each family member can customize their own meal, making this the perfect choice for picky eaters.




This single pot meal is fairly easy to put together, but it needs lots of time with slow simmering and stirring. Having several people around to check up on the chili and give it a stir can get the whole family involved without requiring a lot of effort.




Homemade pizza is a tasty treat that is fun to make. Kids love making it from scratch since they get to play with dough and twist it into shapes, but parents can also use premade pizza crust to save on time. The ability for each family member to add their preferred toppings make this a personal and delicious meal.


Blueberry Muffins


Make a healthy snack and introduce children to baking by making blueberry muffins together. With lots of smaller tasks like washing blueberries and cracking eggs, this is a recipe perfect for lots of little hands to work on.




For parents looking for a fun project in the kitchen that involves the entire family, these Asian dumplings are a great choice. Place a small spoonful of pork and cabbage filling inside a store-bought wrapper before pleating it closed. Everyone can sit around folding dumplings, snacking on cooked dumplings, and chatting about their day.


Tomato Pasta


Knowing how to make a basic tomato sauce and boil pasta are skills that will make sure kids can feed themselves when they move out. There are several potential tasks involved, like making garlic bread and salad, so it is easy to occupy the whole family.