While ghosts and goblins may be the most feared creatures on Halloween, other non-spooky decorations such as candles and cars can pose a threat to your child’s safety. In this article, we’ll talk about how to keep your kid safe while trick-or-treating.

Costume Choices

Although your child may have a very specific costume in mind, it’s still important to follow certain safety rules when it comes to dressing up. These guidelines will help keep them safe while trick-or-treating.

One of the most important factors that you can consider when it comes to dressing up your kid is choosing a bright-colored costume. This will make him or her more visible at night. If they want to be scarier, you can also add reflective tape around their costume.

Make sure that the costume you’re choosing is made of flame-resistant material. This means that while it may not be burn-proof, the outfit or accessories won’t easily catch on fire. Remember to keep the kids away from any open flames, such as jack-o’-lanterns.

When it comes to carrying dangerous accessories, such as a sword or knife, make sure that the item is made of soft plastic, cardboard, or rubber. This will prevent the child from getting injured if they fall.

It’s also a good idea to remove any choking hazards the costume may come with, such as beads or buttons.

Make sure that the mask your child will be wearing has the right design. It can make it hard for them to see potential hazards when crossing the street, and it could scrape their eyes and face. If they’re planning on wearing a mask, make sure that it’s the right size and that the mouth and eye holes are large enough to allow them to breathe properly.


It’s important to start letting your kid trick-or-treat on their own, but how can you ensure their safety?

Keep in mind that kids younger than 12 should be supervised and accompanied by an adult. In case they get separated, make sure that their clothes have their contact information and address labels. If your children are over 12 years old, consider letting them go out on their own. However, ask them what they’re comfortable doing and ensure that they have a cell phone and a good group of friends to go along with. You should also establish a curfew and a pre-defined route.

Make your kid’s costume as easy to see as possible by adding reflective tape around it. You can also provide them with a flashlight, which can be charged with fresh batteries, to help them see where they’re going.

Before you let your kid trick-or-treat, make sure that they’re reminded about street safety. They should also practice looking left, right, and left again as they cross the street and wait for you at the corners. You can ask them to remove their masks as they cross the street, and they should be on the lookout for cars.

Keep them on the sidewalks at all times. Doing so will help prevent them from getting hurt. Another no-brainer? Hold a younger kid’s hand while crossing the street.

Halloween is one of the most fun nights of the year for families. Remember these safety tips and enjoy the night!