The winters in New York can be brutal. The cold temperatures make it nearly impossible to go outside for more than a few minutes. This can leave you locked up at home for several months. The warm spring weather is finally starting to arrive, so it is the perfect time to get out and explore the beautiful city. These are the four best things to do with the entire family this spring in New York.

Attend a Baseball Game

Spring officially signifies the start of a new baseball season. While watching a game on television is fun, there is nothing quite like the experience of sitting in the stadium. The family will love watching their favorite players on the field while also enjoying the fun activities scattered around the stadium. With the Yankees and Mets both calling New York home, it should not be too hard to find great seats to a game.

Luna Park

Luna Park is a beautiful amusement park on Coney Island that is fun for adults and children of all ages. The park currently features six roller coasters, seven rides designed for small children, and nine other wonderful rides. In addition to these rides, there are also fun games and attractions throughout the park. Luna Park opens every year on the first weekend of April.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is simply one of the most beautiful spots in the entire city. While the whole family can have a great time at this destination during any time of the year, the garden comes alive in early spring. The main attraction is the stunningly beautiful cherry blossom trees. These trees generally start to bloom in late March. They will also only be around until early May, so do not wait too long to visit.

Visit the Beach

New York is such a massive city that it is easy to forget that you are only a short trip away from the ocean. There are more than 14 miles of beaches located in New York City. Relaxing on the beach is a great way to escape your stressful life while letting the kids have some fun in the water and sand. New York beaches officially open in May.